Fiskars ‘Clear Cut Choice’

March 22, 2016

This project was done in collaboration with Hiebing. Produced by Matt Cowden, written by Becky Lowe and shot by Jon Sovey.

WPS Health Insurance

March 22, 2016

This spot was done in collaboration with Rippe Keane Marketing. Produced by Matt Cowden, directed by Carlo Besasie and shot by Mike Gillis. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere and graded in Adobe SpeedGrade. Director’s cut is included below.

Milwaukee Brewers “Yes”

September 24, 2014

Filmed by Perry Perkins with a RED SCARLET. Produced and directed by Tom Kermgard. Written by Jesse Jirik. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere.

Design Concepts “Coaster Pedicab”

August 19, 2014

Coaster Pedicab couldn’t find a pedicab to fit their needs, so they decided to build their own. “We didn’t just manufacture a pedicab. We redesigned it.” Filmed by Michael Palzkill with a Sony NEX-FS700. Produced by Tom Kermgard in collaboration Joan Neeno at Design Concepts. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere...

Jones Dairy Farm

November 21, 2013

Jones Dairy Farm has been producing all-natural, homemade sausage for more than 120 years. This national campaign was created to increase brand awareness for the company and its products. Filmed by Mike Gillis with a RED EPIC. Written by Emily Shea, directed by Vinnie Besasie and produced by Matt Cowden...

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

February 28, 2013

Who would of thought that low fat chocolate milk is what you should be drinking after a hard workout instead of Gatorade? This series of commercials for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is meant to promote that fact. Filmed and directed by Robb Fischer on a RED EPIC, written by...

Road to BFree

February 8, 2013

BFree is an enthusiastic, adventurous, and passionate individual who found his calling as an alternative sports athlete, constantly inspiring others to get the most out of life. This show follows BFree as he travels across the country looking for the most exciting things to do in each city. For...

World Rolling Series

June 2, 2011

“What it really came down to is pretty simple. The main focus for a lot of people when discussing the current state of rollerblading is television. Rollerblading does not have that massive broadcast exposure it once had… I decided to take it upon myself to do a complete X-Games/ASA...

Saint Francis Medical Center

March 28, 2011

This series of commercials for Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri was a big departure from other recent campaigns. It focused heavily on storytelling and provoking an emotional response through a simple narrative and striking visuals. Filmed by Robb Fischer with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II....

United Way “We Are Able”

August 30, 2010

This commercial was done in collaboration with Hiebing in Madison, Wisconsin for the United Way of Dane County. Filmed by Jerry Emmerich on a RED ONE, editing was done in Final Cut Pro with additional color correction done with Magic Bullet Looks and graphics were done in Adobe After...