World Rolling Series ‘Uploaded’ Promo

World Rolling Series ‘Uploaded’ was the very first all-digital rollerblading contest. Competitors were invited to submit a :60 second edit showcasing the very best of what they have to offer on blades. The contest allowed everyone to compete on their own terms; no runs, no heats, no parks, no restrictions. I was able to help make the contest a reality through various online promotions, establishing the rules and encoding all of the submissions. The contest generated over 500,000 views and 100,000 votes from 125 countries in only two weeks. It was an enormous success. This promo was created to not only promote the event but the World Rolling Series as well. Filmed by Karsten Boysen, Mike Torres, Htat Htut, CanisLatrans, Simon Mulvaney, Daniel Prell, Guilaume Chanaud, Jordan Maders, Martins Jansons, Vinny Minton, ODNY, Greg Miryzon, Seth Lloyd, Craig Smith, Ivan Narez, Daniel Scarano, SlapTap, SSM, Cesar Macay, Sam DeAngelis, Mike Riccitelli, Freddy White, Sophie Planque, Anthony Finocchiaro. Editing was done in Final Cut Pro with effects and graphics done in Adobe After Effects.